The Red Planet is Calling Us

Red Planet Ventures, Inc. (RPV) is the world’s leader in space experience design, engineering and operations planning.

No other company comes close to the number of and range of projects we have completed.

We have designed orbital, lunar and Mars themed resorts, attractions, shows, camps, bases, visitor centers, spaceports (real and themed), expos, fairs, exhibits, media and characters.

We have extensive experience working on real space projects including the International Space Station (ISS), the U.S. Space Shuttle, SpaceX projects, orbital super yachts, space hotels, Moon bases and others.

Our unique combination of expertise in both real space technology and entertainment industries, coupled with our long experience in Creating, Planning and Developing a wide range of complex projects, are highly valuable resources for our clients.

Forecasting Future and Advanced Technologies Themes

​Complementing our space theme is our “Future” theme. RPV team members have decades of experience in the field of future forecasting for both trends and technologies.

This future theme provides an unlimited range of stories, characters, designs, merchandise products and potential sponsorship and product placement opportunities.

Licensing Our Original Designs

RPV owns a library of Mars/space/future themed intellectual properties (IP) available for licensing and development. These assets include designs for themed resorts, camps, attractions, shows, consumer products and media.

Our Growing Space Industry

The space enterprise/tourism industry is growing at an accelerating rate. Several famous billionaires are directly investing in and are building space companies. Governments and institutions are investing billions of dollars in space exploration, science and development. These investments and capabilities will dramatically grow and diversify from now on.

The future looks bright for mankind’s movement into space with RPV well-positioned to take advantage of the growing market and to provide valuable services and leadership in the expansion of the space experience frontier.

Contact us today to learn how RPV can help you get there.